Next National Gathering | 26 – 28 March 2025 | Eden Project

 26th – 28th March 2025 | The Eden Project

Our key themes

Across more than 200 sessions, Anthropy’s national gathering brings responsible leaders together over 14 key themes crucial for inspiring a better Britain.

14 key themes shaping the future of Britain

Over three days, on 15 ‘stages’, with 600+ speakers, Anthropy’s national gathering brings to life the UK’s largest agenda focused on Britain’s future. Across 200+ sessions, we will address questions, share experiences, and bring new perspectives on a wide range of themes crucial for inspiring a better Britain.

Anthropy asks four critical questions


What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?


What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?


What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?

Global Perspective

What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change, and human rights?

…and from these questions, key themes arise

Our Economic Prosperity

We will delve into the heart of fostering innovation, and igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship across all sectors and regions of the United Kingdom. 

Prepare to be inspired by our contributors which include Bloomberg, KPMG, Fisher German, Ipsos, Cazenove Capital, Transparency International, CBI, Geeks Ltd, the RSA, The Better Business Act, Adelphi, Ampa, Novartis, EY, and NatWest.

Our Responsible Leadership and Management

We will consider ethical practices, robust governance structures, and the changing role of leadership and management in building successful and sustainable organisations across society, at all levels, for the long term.

Participation includes representation from Brandpie, ReedSmith, Place Matters, Business in the Community, GoodBoard, The Eden Project, Daggerwing, B Corps, KPMG, The House of Commons, Pukka Herbs, Neals Yard, CMI, EY, Ella’s Kitchen, Anglian Water, RockCorps, A Blueprint for Better Business, United Minds, and the Institute of Business Ethics, as well as individual speakers including Sir Antony Seldon, Lord Hastings, Piers Linney, and Dame Julia Cleverdon.

Our Future Generations

We focus on the wellbeing of children and young people while fostering youth empowerment and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Anthropy25 provides a platform for identifying how future generations can maximise their potential, including input and fresh perspectives of emerging leaders who are already making their mark in their respective sectors and organisations.

Lead participants include Youth Futures Foundation, Ferdinando & Luigi Innocenti Foundation, One Young World, City & Guilds, The News Movement, NCS, UK Youth, Coram, 20/20 Levels, The Peter Jones Foundation, NCS Trust, Icanyoucantoo, and Brandpie.

Our Climate and Natural Places

Reducing carbon emissions, growing the green economy, protecting the natural environment and all species who live in our part of the world.

Leaders from Pinsent Masons, EY, Normative, NatWest, Schneider Electric, Webmart, B Corps, Business in the Community, ReedSmith, Northumbrian Water, KPMG, Ampa, Volans, Anglian Water, Ella’s Kitchen, Daggerwing, The Institute for Business Ethics, The Environment Agency, WRAP, Brandpie, RSPCA, and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership are just some of those who share thoughts on this agenda.

The Role of Media and Communications

Anthropy25 explores the future of communication, transparency, fact checking and authentic representation across both media and organisational channels.  In an era marked by the rapid emergence of fake news, AI-generated content, and an increasingly competitive landscape for trusted sources, we focus on the importance of having the right the practices, tools and strategies necessary to make well-informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the modern media environment.

Featuring top executives from Ipsos, Ofcom, Bloomberg, The Telegraph, Tortoise Media, Weber Shandwick, Fleishman Hillard, The Financial Times, and The News Movement.

Our Global Role

Anthropy25 will examine the multifaceted role of Britain on the global stage, how our nation exerts influence through trade, aid, culture, and the impact of cultural soft power. We also recognize the significance of Britain’s military and diplomatic presence in shaping global affairs and will explore how these elements combine to define our nation’s place in an increasingly challenging world.

Organisations including The Foreign Commonwealth Development Office, ReedSmith, The MOD, International Chamber of Commerce, SOAS, One Young World, Transparency International UK, Red Cross, the CBI, and Fordham Global Insight, will explore this topic in depth, bringing their expertise and insights to bear on the complex challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Addressing Inequality

Anthropy25 will consider the continuing developments around equity, inclusion and belonging, across workplaces and society and consider the economic policies and practices that help build equity, reduce poverty, and support community regeneration.

British Gas Energy Trust, City & Guilds, Youth Futures Foundation, Business in the Community, EY Foundation, 20/20 levels, Represent Nation, Icanyoucantoo, CIPD, Carefree Cornwall, The Black Talent Charter, CBI, Bean Research, and Fleishman Hillard are among those contributing to this critical conversation.

Political Engagement and Civic Participation

Themes explore the systemic changes needed to foster long term thinking and planning alongside greater citizen engagement and participation as essential elements for a thriving and resilient democracy.

Leaders from Royal Voluntary Service, Centrica, EY Foundation, The Better Business Act, Transparency International, The Politics Project, Institute of Government, St Georges House, Synaptica LLC, DMSL, Compassion in Politics Coalition, Chartered Management Institute, Bright Blue, Krystal, and The Very Group are just some of those who share their thoughts on models for civic engagement and participation in democracy.

Our Vibrant Places

Where we live and how our communities thrive is a critical component of Anthropy25 agenda. We consider new thinking of how economic, cultural, planning, and the built environment interact in towns and cities to create vibrant places to live and work. Alongside this is the desire to be active stewards of our natural places, acting on behalf of all species who occupy these isles.

Focusing on these topics includes Ampa, Arcadis, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, The North West Business Leadership Team, The King’s Foundation, The West London Business Alliance, Green Skills Library, Hay Festival, Natural England, The Environment Agency, Place Matters, SevernTrent, St.Johns Foundation, and the Eden Project.

Education and Skills Fit For Our Futures

Developments in education, investment in skills development, lifelong learning, the impact of new technologies, the preparation of young people and lifelong learning for all are covered at Anthropy25.

Representatives from The Very Group, Imperial College Business School, Voicing Voices, Reboot the Future, The Eden Project, Big Education, Volans, St John’s Bath will share their thoughts and considerations for the future.

Our Healthy Futures

We review health inequalities, prevention and public health, the future of health and care services management and the interaction of third sector, public and private health provision. Delegates will also gain insights into new innovations in health and the pharmaceutical sector.

Representatives from Adelphi, ViiV Healthcare, Cassette, Novartis, GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance, DAS Omnicom, DDMIX, and Versus Arthritis participate in these discussions.

Our Working Lives

Anthropy25 will explore economic prosperity, talent development, and the changing expectations of management and leadership.

Leaders including from AllBright, Ampa, KPMG, The Chartered Institute of Management, Raconteur, United Minds, Charlotte Sweeney Associates, Female Founders Summit, and The Black Talent Charter review these topics.

Our Culture

The arts & heritage, sport, and culture has a critical role in shaping our society, supporting quality of life, the vibrancy of our places, economic prosperity and acting as a positive influence globally.

Contributions include those from Hay Festival Foundation, FleishmanHillard, The National Trust, Blenheim Palace, Pro Bono Economics, Fuse, Artis, Art & Culture Impact Fund, and HeritageXplore.

Cross Sector Collaboration

We consider the value of partnerships between governments, business, and society to encourage active citizenship and the development of innovative solutions to shared issues.

Organisations include AtkinsRealis, EY, Arcadis, St Georges House, Cornwall Council, RVS, WRAP, Impact International, The Vita Group, Neals Yard, and vocL.

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