Next National Gathering | 26 – 28 March 2025 | Eden Project

 26th – 28th March 2025 | The Eden Project

Anthropy National Gathering

Anthropy’s unique three-day gathering is held at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  They cultivate an impactful, immersive environment for leaders to connect, collaborate and create genuine thinking for changes in practices, partnerships and policies.

The next national gathering will take place on March 26-28 March 2025.

Over three days, on 15 ‘stages’ with 600 speakers, Anthropy’s gathering brings to life the UKs largest crowd sourced agenda, resulting in 180+ sessions focused on addressing questions, sharing experiences and creating new perspectives on the following four critical questions.​ From these questions, key themes are as shown below.

1. What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?

2. What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?

3. What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?

4. What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change, and human rights?

From these questions, key themes came through loud and clear. Read on below or delve into the detail of the sessions on our agenda page.

union jack flag on a flagpole flying in the breeze

The Future of Britain

Senior leaders came together as they discussed the Future of Britain and the need for a national vision.

On this topic, we heard from Andy Haldane CEO of RSA, Alex Mahon CEO of Channel 4, Environmentalist Sir Jonathon Porritt, Mariella Frostrup of TIMES radio, Christine Hodgson Chair of Severn Trent, Sir Tim Smit Founder of the Eden Project, Ben Page Global CEO of IPSOS, Author and Educator Sir Anthony Seldon, Bina Mehta Chair of KPMG, Rain Newton-Smith CEO of CBI, Emma Bridgewater Potter, Lord Hastings Chair of SOAS and Economist Vicky Pryce.

A Female Future

Female leadership has the power to transform Britain’s future. While progress has been made, many challenges remain.

Female leaders from EY, John Lewis, KPMG, Channel 4, TIMES Radio, Salesforce, Ipsos, Omnicom, Neal’s Yard, Page Group, Moneypenny, Severn Trent, Schneider Electric and more, spoke about both the progress and challenges which remain, the inequity of opportunity and where female leadership has the power to transform Britain’s future.

This topic formed part of a wider set of diversity and inclusion discussions which will help inform many other agendas from workplace communities.

a panel of all female speakers talking to a crowd, Anthropy branded bunting dresses the scene.
a group of young people sat in the crowd conversing over the topic at hand.

Our Future Generation

Anthropy is about shaping a vision for Britain for thirty years; our next generation.

Throughout the Anthropy23 gathering, young leaders of accomplishment and those leading organisations focused on unleashing youth opportunity into our discussions. Youth Futures, One Young World, City & Guilds, The Scouts, The News Movement, UK Youth, MPCT, Coram, 20/20 Levels, The Peter Jones Foundation, NCS, Icanyoucantoo, Brandpie and many more explored Britain’s future vision for our next generation.

Our Equity of Opportunity

Everyone deserves the chance to attain the same education, opportunities and goals, unhampered by individual barriers. Understanding how we can create equity of opportunity was a key theme for Anthropy23.

At Anthropy23, many discussions considered those who have various disadvantages in realising their full potential in society and focus on opportunities surrounding employment, market potential and civil society engagement. Organisations leading such insights included The DFN Foundation, Seeability, IMPACT, Porter Novelli, Fleishman Hillard Page group, City & Guilds, 20/20 Levels, Bean Research and more.

A crowd of people listening intently at a speaking event.
Our healthy futures

Our Healthy Futures

Never has there been a period of time where national and global health has been of higher significance.

Sessions on the ‘Health of the Nation’ ranged across the biomedical-pharmacy agenda on protection from pandemics and other diseases, the role of patient advocacy, the NHS, Care and children’s health and fitness. Participants included senior leaders from Adelphi, ViiV Healthcare, Novartis, GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance, Phytome Life Sciences, Caretech, Choice Care Group, Bayer UK, DDMIX, Versus Arthritis and many others. Conversations ranged from early to later life, global health agendas to community health.

Our Education Needs

Education and skills are the cornerstone of the UK’s future success. As technology advances and industries evolve, a well-educated workforce equipped with relevant skills becomes indispensable. At the same time, we can only achieve that if our early years, schools and universities are fit for purpose. By investing in education and skill development, the UK ensures its citizens remain competitive, drives economic growth, and sustains a dynamic, future-ready society capable of tackling emerging challenges on the global stage. Participation included representation from UK leading universities, education campaigners, headteachers and more.

Our education

Our Vibrant Places

Our environments play an important role in our everyday lives, both today and long into the future.

Civic, business, public sector and multi-sector partnership leaders converged at Anthropy from across the country. Organisations including the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, NorthWest Business Leadership Team, The West London Business Alliance, Hay Festival, WOMAD, Creative England, Retail Week, The St. Neots Project, Ampa and INTBAU, considered how our places foster vibrancy and prosperity.

Our Land, Water & Air

Our natural heritage is something we are proud of. But it requires constant stewardship.

Various keynote speakers and panellists came together from a variety of public sector, commercial and non-profit organisations to discuss the future of this most vital component of the quality of our ‘Place’ and our part of this planet. At Anthropy23, we heard insights from organisations including Scymaris, Anglian Water, The Eden Project, Natural England, Cleaner Seas Group, National Parks, The Environment Agency, The Food and Farming Commission, Severn Trent, Volans and more.

Duro Oye from 20/20 change speaking from the crowd at the Anthropy event.

Our Business Leadership

As the world is ever changing, our leadership styles may also need to change and adapt. But how should you act as a business leader? And what expectations do you carry?

Multiple sessions at Anthropy23 considered the new expectations on business leaders and the changed attitudes to work, responsible business behaviours, ethics, sustainability, ESG and Purpose. Contributors on this topic included Blueprint for Better Business, EY, BCorps, WorkL, NatWest, JLL, Adnams, Very Group, ReedSmith, Daggerwing, TOAST, KPMG, Ella’s Kitchen, United Minds and Financial Times, to name just a few.

Our Digital Futures

The past thirty years has seen the emergence of digital technology as the greatest force of change since the industrial revolution.

At Anthropy23, we explored the metaverse, AI, VR and other developments to be harnessed for good. With leading participants including leaders of the Government’s Digital Catapult and businesses such as KPMG, Cassette, Qcast, Geeks, AQL, Atlantic Films and The Very Group, consideration was made as to how to handle the opportunities and risks at this cutting edge.

Man wearing a VR headset, excited by what he is seeing.
Motion blurred shoppers carrying shopping bags on Regent Street, London.

Our Economy

The engine necessary to create prosperity is based upon a vibrant, accessible, and innovative economy.

Economists discussed with business leaders, SMEs and trade bodies the challenges ranging from access to finance, transparency and probity in contracts, online retail, transportation, public services and skills. Organisations included Made in Britain, The Better Business Act, Transparency International, the CBI, British Chambers of Commerce, the RSA, Adelphi, Ampa, Novartis, EY, Financial Times, Age Irrelevance and KPMG.

Our Capacity for Good

The strength of Britain’s willingness to volunteer, donate to causes and mobilise efforts for good was a focal theme across various Anthropy23 sessions.

We explored how powerful this force for good can be in Britain’s future, and heard from participating organisations including Macmillan Cancer, Benevity, The Scouts, The Royal Voluntary Service, Reboot the Future, Shelterbox and many more.

volunteers preparing food parcels for those in need.
an array of solar panels being installed on a rooftop.

Our Sustainable Businesses

Businesses of today need to consider their impact on the world of tomorrow. Building sustainable business practices plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Britain, nurturing vibrant places, and embracing our capacity for good.

Multiple sessions at Anthropy23 saw CEOs and Chief Sustainability Officers sharing sustainability thinking with those from other sectors on the full range of the environmental, social and governance agenda. Leaders from SKY, John Lewis, BITC, ReedSmith, EY, Schneider Electric, Forum for The Future, Webmart, B-Corps, KPMG, Ampa, Volans, Anglian Water, Ella’s Kitchen, Daggerwing, The Institute for Business Ethics, Faith in Nature, COOK, River Island, WRAP, Brandpie and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership are just some of those who shared thoughts on this agenda.

Our Global Role

Britain faces a future where the values it expresses internationally will shape our ability to prosper as a nation and work successfully with others on shared global issues such as climate change, poverty, and tackling totalitarianism. Insights from diplomats, international business leaders, aid organisations, international lawyers and other campaigners explored those global values and their necessity to our collective future.

Our International Trade

International trade is of paramount importance to the UK’s economic vitality. It offers access to diverse markets and fosters economic growth, job creation, and innovation while enhancing consumer choice and quality. Sessions will discuss trade partnerships, the resilience of the UK economy, UK manufacturing and aspects including finance, technology, and related cultural exchange and geopolitical collaboration. Lead participants included representatives from Made in Britain, The International Chamber of Commerce, The CBI, and Trade Unlocked.

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