Next National Gathering | 26 – 28 March 2025 | Eden Project

 26th – 28th March 2025 | The Eden Project

Be inspired. Get involved. Make an impact.

Our Purpose

Anthropy is a national convener dedicated to fostering cross-sector collaboration to address national interests. It focuses on facilitating public-private-non-profit understanding and partnerships, bringing together leaders from all sectors. It acts as inspiration, to build engagement for collective impact. 

Our Membership

Our Members are at the heart of our activities. Being part of Anthropy contributes to our National gathering, our regional and thematic leadership teams, as well as to smaller, curated year-round events. Our members have access to a network through which to pursue collaborative efforts and share best practices and innovative thinking.

Our Gathering

Our national gathering brings together leaders and leading organisations to consider Britain’s future and its place in the world. Being based at our unique venue partner, the Eden Project in Cornwall, creates a compelling backdrop for the widest range of debates, panels, discussions and workshops, covering all aspects of our national agenda. Our next national gathering is 26-28 March 2025.

The voices of Anthropy

Meet some of the voices of Anthropy, a dynamic and diverse line-up of leaders who have participated within and embody the spirit of Anthropy. They have been active participants at our various events, with many others, sharing their insights and guidance as they help promote new individual and collective action on the Anthropic agenda.

What is Anthropy?

Anthropy aims to inspire a better Britain by fostering meaningful dialogue, encouraging collaborative ideas and creating collective action by way of both select and discreet event programming and partnerships. Anthropy is a unique 21st Century organisation based on a cross sector membership, with content and programming Partners, willing to connect and collaborate year-round to bring our community of leaders together to explore new ideas and incubate collaborations for the wider good. 


What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?


What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?


What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?

Global Perspective

What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change, and human rights?

Anthropy National Gathering

The Anthropy national gathering focuses on bringing together leaders to consider the future of Britain and its place in the world.  Our unique venue, the Eden Project in Cornwall, creates a compelling backdrop for the widest range of debates, panels, discussions and workshops, covering all manner of subjects. We pride ourselves on having established the UK’s largest crowd-sourced agenda, which on average engages over 200 organisations in creating an extensive range of content. 

Anthropy Insights Report 2024

In partnership with Ipsos, Anthropy surveyed more than 3,000 participants of our national gathering and members of the public on the state of the nation.

This report summarises the results, supported by intelligence from the national gathering sessions, and reveals the priorities identified which inform aspects of our huge shared agenda moving forward.

Take a look and discover the current state of affairs across various sectors, together with insights and ideas around the emerging patterns, challenges, and opportunities that shape our country’s trajectory.

Make an impact.
Become an Anthropist.

Anthropy is an eco-system of members, content partners and individual ambassadors. We encourage other leaders, regardless of their roles, to adopt Anthropy thinking and participate in our annual summit and shared agenda. In such a way you too can become an Anthropist. An Anthropist is a person who shares our ambition, adopts the Anthropy Charter, and is committed to collaborating with others to apply its principles to build a positive, sustainable, equitable, and successful future. As an Anthropist, you care about Britain, its people and its place in the world. 

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Anthropy is supported by a range of members from across a wide variety of sectors, sizes and specialism. 

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