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What is Anthropy?

Anthropy is a movement dedicated to inspiring a better Britain. At its heart is a unique gathering for leaders that sparks imagination and fosters fresh thinking.

Join us in building a vision for Britain which is more positive, sustainable, equitable and successful as we explore four key questions…


What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?


What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?


What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?

Global Perspective

What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change, and human rights?

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The voices of Anthropy23

Meet some of the inspiring speakers of Anthropy23. Our dynamic and diverse line-up of visionary leaders embodies the spirit of Anthropy. Join us for a series of immersive sessions where these remarkable individuals, and many others, will tell their stories, insights, and guidance as they take you on a transformative journey of individual and collective action.

Make an impact.
Become an Anthropist.

An Anthropist is a person who shares our ambition, adopts the Anthropy Charter, and is committed to collaborating with others to apply its principles to build a positive, sustainable, equitable, and successful future. An authentic optimist and advocate who uses their influence and leadership position for good.

As an Anthropist, you stand for a better nation. You adopt the Anthropy Charter and turn dreams for a better Britain into reality. You don’t hide away on the sidelines. You boldly stand at the forefront, driving positive change for all.

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What to expect at Anthropy23

Anthropy23 is your chance to make a difference to the world around you. This year’s gathering will bring together emerging and established leaders for a dynamic mix of engaging sessions, thought-provoking conversations, and collaborative action.

Last year’s gathering was hailed as a “landmark moment for Britain”, and we can’t wait to build on that momentum this year. To get a taste of what to expect at Anthropy23, check out last year’s agenda and see some of the incredible organisations and individuals who joined us in inspiring a better Britain.


It is only possible for Anthropy’s to work towards it’s bold vision for a better Britain thanks to is made a reality through the support of our invaluable partners. Our sponsors and partners are the driving force behind our gathering and make it all possible.

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Britain’s Existential Threat

Britain’s Existential Threat

In recent years, Britain, like many countries around the world, has found itself grappling with an existential threat to its cohesiveness. I wish I did