Our Principles

The ‘Anthropy®™ Way’ of working is based on a core set of principles to encourage respectful collaboration


Anthropy has adopted a set of principles promoted by our partner The Forward Institute. We believe that such principles are fundamental in approaching our work to convene the greatest cross sector gathering of leaders to address the future of the UK. If you wish to collaborate with Anthropy then please embrace these principles and the willingness to put aside what might divide you from others and embrace what can unite us.

Principles & Practices

Responsible leaders

Value diversity

Those who actively seek diverse and divergent thinking think beyond organisational boundaries and take a broader world view when making decisions. They seek collaborators different from themselves.


Observe & listen

They are able to observe and listen deeply to their team, their peers, their seniors and to wider groups of people outside their sphere of influence.

Care more

Those who recognise the inherent value of human beings respect the rights and responsibilities of others, acting and treating them fairly. They set a strong example by taking care of themselves and encouraging others to do the same.


Work generously

They collaborate, overcome divides, build alliances and offer their help without expecting anything in return.

Are brave

Those who are open to challenging others and being challenged are willing to walk towards problems and don’t try to bury them. They value creativity, allow uncertainty and accept that mistakes happen.


Take action

They proactively experiment, make choices and act. They actively strive to influence those around them for positive, considered outcomes.

Think for the long-term

Those that take decisions in the best long-term interest of their organisation and society are clear about what their own and their organisation’s purpose is and the value of both to others. They are a good steward of the planet’s resources.


Reflect more

They take the process of reflection seriously and reflect often as an individual. They also encourage others to reflect and foster collective reflection.

Are honest

Those who admit to difficult truths are willing to have difficult conversations, admit to their own mistakes and stand up for their beliefs, cultivating a culture of candour for others.


Are Appreciative

At Anthropy we are honest in recognizing our limitations as a convening organization and our dependence upon the knowledge, insights and goodwill of others. We therefore strive as a collective to do our best to give due credit and recognition to those who make Anthropy and its thinking live.


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